change the way you think about lawyers

With decades of experience in established international law firms and across a number of challenging in-house environments, we are instinctive to the needs of clients and passionate about investing in business relationships.

We’ve sourced some of the best lawyers in the market. All of our team have a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience, within law firms or companies (or both), regionally and internationally. They’ve been drawn to Support Legal for the modern working lifestyle our platform supports, allowing our lawyers to get their work done efficiently and effectively when it best suits their schedules, while adhering to client timelines all under the supervision of our Principals who manage (and are responsible for) the work. These innovative working arrangements result in a leaner operating model with fewer overheads. We pass these savings on to our clients.

We believe it’s vital that our team are happy and committed. This results in deeper engagement and leads to better quality work being produced for our clients.

Who says being a lawyer can’t be fun and rewarding?

Our Team