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Startup Business of the Year: Support Legal. “This was a disruptive business model, with engaging owners and a clear business plan with achievable growth targets.”

Support Legal appoints Chief Technology Officer in bid to become region's first digital law firm

Guest will oversee Support Legal's digitization strategy and implementation, including the development of a first-of-its-kind digital platform

Venture capitalists and legal experts on what they think of the new UAE business ownership and residency law

“The changes should encourage higher caliber talent to the UAE, which is good news for startups.” says Ahmed Arif, Principal at Support Legal

Influencing Your Influencer: Getting Your Contract Right

The use of influencers to promote products and services continues to grow as an advertising medium as brands move away from traditional mass marketing methods and attempt to enter the more targeted world of social media. As the popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook, develop more sophisticated digital tools, this trend looks set to continue.

Pre-Money Vs. Post-Money: A Guide To These Key Terms For Entrepreneurs

Funding rounds bring with them a whole new vocabulary and terms that business founders need to get familiar with, often in a hurry. You’ll probably hear the terms “pre-money” and “post-money” many times during a VC investment round, whether it be in your term sheet, capitalization table, or even during negotiations between the company and its potential investors. As a founder, these terms are central to your bottom line, so you should understand what they mean, what they represent, and how they impact the financing of your company.

How Startups and SMEs Can Navigate Legal Roadblocks

Here is how to tackle a number of key legal issues at the start to avoid them causing problems for founders later in the growth cycle.

UAE attracts global startups

Patrick Rogers, co-founder and principal at Support Legal, a legal services platform for entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the Middle East and Africa, also said that it is an exciting time to be in the UAE. "People are making a conscious decision to move here from places like London and Singapore for a number of reasons such as developer talent, VC money, proven concepts, and successful exits; and, more importantly, it acts as a hub for developing your idea in the wider regional ecosystem."

MENA Startups Community Platform MAGNiTT.Com Raises US$1 Million In Seed Funding

“Bahoshy also emphasizes that on the importance of good legal support for startups, offering a shout-out to Support Legal, an enterprise “instrumental in advising and helping” them with the fundraise. “They can answer questions on terms, help structuring conversations, and also allow you to push back when things don’t sound right. Having a good legal team can provide you much needed confidence when speaking to investors,” he says.”

Support Legal

Lee McMahon, Co-Founder and Principal of Support Legal, comes in to take a look at the legal repercussions of the National Media Council’s new framework for social media influencers and e-commerce players.

Social media influencers: new rules bring 'integrity to an unregulated market'

Lawyers and online marketers say those with fake followers and poor practices will be weeded out

Lawyers need to learn to work with AI, says law service founder

Big potential for automation in legal sector, but lawyers need to work with technology

Developing the UAE’s legal framework for innovation

Patrick Rogers explains why the UAE must provide innovators with the right legal support

Support Legal appoints magic circle lawyers as SME demand for fixed legal costs surpasses expectations

Middle East and Africa’s first New Law legal service provider exceeds first year growth targets

Support Legal

Lee McMahon, Co-Founder of Support Legal, joins us to talk about a new initiative to offer legal information and documents new companies need to start up for free. The company are looking to make legal services cheaper for start-ups.

Support Legal launches ‘ScaleUp’, bringing free knowhow and documents to startups and SMEs in the Middle East & Africa

Support Legal, the Middle East and Africa’s first legal services platform for entrepreneurs and emerging companies, is further innovating access to legal services with the launch of ‘ScaleUp’ ( Helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, the digital platform offers access to knowhow, practical advice and documents at no cost to the user.

UAE law firm out to disrupt status quo

Founders of Support Legal aiming to provide tailored advice to tech start-ups

Support Legal

Lee McMahon, Co-Founder of Support Legal, joins us as we look at a new platform disrupting the legal profession. The company calls itself the Netflix of legal services, using a subscription model, rather than billable hours.

Support Legal aims to transform legal services for SMEs in MEA

Support Legal, the first NewLaw provider in the Middle East and Africa, has launched in the UAE and is seeking to offer SMEs legal counsel at lower fees.

Support Legal: subscription based lawyer services for startups [Wamda TV]

Wamda speaks to Patrick Rogers and Lee McMahon cofounders of Support Legal, a new kind of law firm that is targeting entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the Middle East with efficient yet affordable legal advice.

Support Legal, changing the way the UAE looks at lawyers

Think of Spotify or Netflix but for legal services; aims to change the legal landscape for entrepreneurs.

Dubai leads Arab start-ups

Accelerators, incubators and private equity try to find the next Careem or