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solar solution

Enviromena power systems


Enviromena (enviromena.com) is one of the leaders in the Middle East's rapidly-developing renewable energy sector. In 2007, the company constructed the first grid-connected utility scale photovoltaic plant in the region. Enviromena has attracted a broad base of investors, including some of the world's leading venture capital firms.


Enviromena had taken on a large number of additional projects and experienced a significant hike in legal spend, but could not justify hiring a full time in house counsel. Taking advantage of Support Legal’s innovative model, Enviromena agreed a retainer engagement with us. We support with all ongoing legal needs and, in areas where particular expertise is required, manage external law firm engagements. We use bi-monthly working sessions with management to review all legal matters and agree action points. We do all this for a set monthly retainer fee, regardless of the hours we spend working with Enviromena's team.

what the client says:

"As our business continued to scale, we began to take a hard look at hiring a full-time senior in house lawyer but couldn't justify the expense. Support Legal presented us with a perfect "bridge" option: on-call senior lawyers with expertise across a range of disciplines who provide ongoing support by way of a subscription model. We consider Support Legal an extension of our team and the institutional knowledge of our business that they possess helps drive superior outcomes for our company".

Sami Khoreibi, CEO

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