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the automech group


The Automech Group (automechgroup.com) provides a range of manufacturing capabilities to industrial companies throughout the Middle East and around the world. Although founded in 1991, and having recently completed a restructuring, the next generation has recently taken the reigns and set out to modernize and streamline the group's processes, systems and use of external resources.


As the company enters a new era of growth, The Automech Group needed to review its commercial agreements and corporate governance, and establish a corporate structure and management incentive plan that would optimize long-term growth. Support Legal helped establish a suite of standard form contracts to streamline contracting processes, put in place a bespoke corporate governance regime to ensure appropriate oversight and carried out a strategic review of the group structure to streamline operations.

what the client says:

"Support Legal are an extension of our team. We derive significant value from having them at the end of the phone when we need them to bounce ideas around and help guide our strategies from a legal perspective. The experience of the Support Legal team, gleaned within top international law firms and in their senior in-house roles, shines through in all their work. I cannot recommend Support Legal strongly enough".

Sonny Gouri, Managing Director

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